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  • Businesses with a vision
    Amana businesses are taking on the future using innovations and substainabilty.

  • Amana Made
    Honesty, integrity, and simplicity are an essential part of every product we create. Find out more

  • Part of the community
    Amana Society's services have been strengthening the area since 1932  Learn More.

The Amana Society, Inc.

The Amana Society is the legacy corporation founded by those who established the Amana Colonies in 1855. The Amana Society raises cattle and crops, builds fine furniture and clocks, weaves woolens, and much more...  ABOUT US




The Amana Brand remains true to the rich traditions of enduring quality, uncompromising craftsmanship, community living, and genuine hospitality that have made Amana truly special since 1855. Amana Society is a uniquely diversified company, full of fantastic individuals, that come together to create products and deliver services providing enduring value to the people who use them.

Our Promise

The Amana Society, Inc. remains true to The Amana Way through integrity, responsibility, sustainability, quality, and entrepreneurship.