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Rye provides Good First Crop for Amana Farms

12-Jun-2014 | Amana Farms

Just north of the village of Amana a stand of rye was harvested this past week. This is one of a couple of rye fields in the Colonies.

Amana Farms has been growing rye for cattle feed for about 12 years. However, this is the first year they have planted it in the “big field” north of Amana hence it is drawing some attention.

 Amana Farms planted about 375 acres of rye last fall. Some 225 acres will be chopped for “ryelage” cattle feed in June and those acres will be re-planted with soybeans. The rest will be harvested in mid-July for seed. The seed will be cleaned and tested for germination potential. Some of the rye seed will be sold to a seed company and some will be kept by Amana Farm for next year’s rye...